Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Convertible from GeigerCars

German tuning GiegerCars studio, specializing in finalizing American cars, has prepared another set of updates to the Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible. The car has received a lot of new external elements and gained power. Exterior muscle car sports a front bumper splitter, “yubami” thresholds, diffuser and a small spoiler on the edge of the tailgate. Just branded tuners installed 22-inch wheels, and the body Camaro 2SS Convertible painted in exclusive color with a “metallic” effect. Technical new clothes include recustomized suspension, new exhaust system and turbocharger. With these alterations the car was not only better controlled, but also significantly increased in power – from 430 to 568 hp Anyone wishing to acquire such Chevrolet Camaro SS will be forced to pay at least 84,900 euros.


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