Charged sports sedan BMW M5 (E60) 2013, prices and equipment

BMW M5 in the back of E60 – rear-drive E-Class sedan for up to five passengers. The car was developed by BMW Motorsport special unit on the basis of the fifth series of the machine.

Interesting facts.
For the first time BMW M5 E60 sedan presented in autumn 2004. In its development involved Chris Bangle, the legendary chief designer and constructor of the US car. Also, the car had a hand specialists factory team in Formula 1 – BMW Sauber.
The debut of BMW M5 E60 was very successful. He slew of potential buyers their showy exterior, luxurious interior and the latest technical units. On the conveyor sedan Bavarian company was in 2005. Amendments Engine and driveline for BMW M5 (E60) were designed from the ground up. Compared to the previous M5 in the back of E39, the car made a big step forward. Its engine became more powerful more than 100 hp, while the overall design has undergone significant changes.

V10 in series sedan.
BMW designers have stated that developed the engine for the M5 (E60), paying tribute to the V10 power units in the world of Formula 1, the time comes to an end. BMW M5 (E60) was the gasoline engine S85 c ten-cylinder, becoming the world’s first serial sedan to be awarded this honor. This engine produces 507 hp and maximum torque of 520 Nm. Thanks to him, the car nabiret first hundred places with 4.7 sec., And the second – for 15.0 seconds. However, the Bavarians have limited top speed electronically to 250 km/h. But a special optional package weakens the “collar”, allowing you to dial 305 km/h.

What is unique M5 E60?
Among other features in the BMW M5 E60 body is worth noting more aggressive bumpers, air intakes in the front wings, enlarged wheels, 7-band transmission robotic SMG III serial type, a new navigation system with a large color display, the chair with electrical and heating function.

Price Used BMW M5 E60 averaged $22,000. Depending on the condition and model year of the car, its price can reach up to $37,000.

Who replaced?
Mass production model was completed in 2010. Within 5 years, it was released 20,548 copies of the E60 M5, and 1,025 of them were in very rare wagon BMW M5 E61 Touring – the remaining 19,523 cars were produced in the sedan. At the motor show in Frankfurt in 2011 debuted a new BMW M5 F10 with bi-turbo V8 engine with 560 horsepower, replacing the model M5 E60 with its beautiful weather V10.


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