All cars are planning to equip with black boxes

Publishing house reports that government has approved the idea of equipping all vehicles with special “black boxes” that will capture and transmit information about the movement and the technical condition of the machine. In particular, the “black boxes” will be able to record and transmit data on the style of driving motorist. Officials believe that this information will be useful garages and insurers, who will be able to learn in advance about the necessary repair or replacement of certain components. In trucks the device will also be able to fix the level of the load on the axle, thereby eliminating the need for transporters to undergo compulsory weighing. In addition, in the long term, focusing on the testimony of “black boxes”, it will be possible to adjust the city traffic, driving traffic operation and optimizing routes. Note that the October 28, 2016 Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, ordered the creation of an interagency working group, whose main objective is the formation of a unified database of the current location and condition of the car.

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