Car Wash Engine: tips and tricks

One of the most common services for cars is the engine wash. Proposed this service for quite a reasonable price, and at first glance it may seem not at all complicated: the elements of the ignition and power supply protected by a polyethylene film, the battery is disconnected, and then use the strong pressure of water from the engine is washed away dirt and oil residues. So, if everything is so simple, you should then think about it, why can be found in most car washes warning that “the administration of the cleaning operation of the engine after the cleaning is not responsible.” The fact is that it is illegal, since they are still responsible, because you trust them his technique. Therefore, for such warnings on their part, namely the disclaimer, must be a good reason. Let us consider the features of the motor itself washing, as well as its positive and negative sides. A positive aspect of the engine wash is considered that it reduces the risk of fire. In theory, the remaining oil on the engine can be ignited. It is also necessary to consider the actual fact is that dirty engine overheats quickly, thereby reducing the viscosity of the oil, and the wear of parts increases. It is also important to note that oil and dirt can lead to interruptions in the electrical appliances, which can cause a short circuit, and as a result – again the same to the fire. Often under a layer of mud impossible to notice the leak. Work is under maintenance much nicer to clean the engine. Thus, the use of engine cleaning, we dismantled.

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However, nothing in this world is not ideal, and therefore not just many automakers do not recommend frequent washing the engine. Then let’s look at the negative aspects of this process. In fact, for the most harmful vehicle engine it is not dirt, but rather water supplied at a power wash the engine at high pressure. If we talk about gasoline engines, for them it is even more harmful and less risk here, of course, for older diesel engines, which are in the water will work, but because such pressure it is not terrible. Owners of the modern cars of engine washing should think more especially, because their cars have a lot of different and complex electronics, which, of course, water is not friendly. Having considered listed the pros and cons of the engine wash, each owner of the car itself should decide, should he deal with this procedure or not. As for prices for washing a car engine. You can find a car where the price of such services will be cheaper, but again, the result of quality and a guarantee that there will be no problems – rather controversial. If you think about washing the engine on its own, then it’s real. In this case it is appropriate to make out the wash options: you can use, and how to most successfully carry out.

What is the engine wash

Today, in the automobile can be found a large amount of detergent used for cleaning interior, cleaning of the body, and of course the car’s engine. Therefore, the choice among the mass of the proposals is for you. Use can be a variety of means, and perhaps the most obvious, but no less effective means for cleaning may be a soap solution of sufficient concentration, obtained thanks to hot water and detergent. When buying special equipment for greater comfort during engine wash is better to give the choice of car chemicals in plastic bottles and cans with a spray bottle, which is quite convenient to use. So, how to wash a car engine, we have considered, it is now extremely important to know what you can not wash the engine, well or it is not recommended. In no event should not wash the engine such means as Fairy and the like. It is also strongly recommended for cleaning diesel fuel and gasoline. Slight discharge of static electricity can cause momentary fire these fluids, as well as the fatal consequences, both for the car and for you. Also not recommended by experts to carry out cleaning of the engine in the winter, since the engine after such a procedure may not dry completely, and as a result are simply not start. If you have a warm garage and the possibility of a good dry hood space, then you can try to hold the engine cleaning without waiting for spring. As for the equipment required for washing, you can use an AED type Karcher, using it with minimal pressure or no pressure at all. Do not be amiss to steam brushes of all sizes to clean hard to reach places of the engine. Regarding drying, ie the engine blow, the compressor would be the best option. You can also try using a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Well, now it is necessary to consider himself the engine cleaning process on its own. To get started is to make sure that the engine is hot, it is desirable that it was warm, because detergents can simply wither on the engine, and when the engine is warm wash will be most effective. The next step – is the disconnection of the battery. Further it is necessary to dismantle the protective plastic, and using polyethylene insulated all the nodes that you want to protect from moisture. This air inlets, connectors, as well as all electrical equipment. The battery is better and does take off. After that, apply cleaner to the engine and wait 10-20 minutes while it does its thing. At this time, you can enjoy cleaning hard to reach places with a brush. After a short time formed with the engine it is time to wash off the foam. If certain areas are not cleared until the end, the washing operation can be repeated. Next you need to remove the plastic insulation, followed by a thorough drying of the engine. Well, after these actions – uniform inspection engine work to make sure it runs smoothly.

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