Car legend Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 – mid-engined two-door sports coupe with rear-wheel drive, produced from 1987 to 1992. F40 is not just the successor to the successful model 288 GTO, but also a chance to remind the world that the domination of Ferrari in international motor racing is not an accident. Ninety Enzo Ferrari in the late eighties of the last century acutely aware that his life is coming to its logical conclusion, and was disappointed that the position of Ferrari in motorsport bit shaken. As a result, he started another, has his last project to create a competitor to the new Porsche 959. And Ferrari F40 was a real masterpiece. Supercar developed on the platform 288 GTO Evoluzione (an upgraded version of 288 GTO), so work at it sozadnii dispute. For the debut of Ferrari F40 was chosen a very good point: the fortieth anniversary of the company, and became the basis of the model name. Ferrari Enzo plan was simple: to design the perfect racing car, which will be the fastest car for public roads. And he did – from 1987 to 1989 Ferrari F40 firmly held that title. Although the car was very expensive, all issued 1315 copies have been sold. The design of the car was developed by experts from the Italian company Pininfarina. Body Ferrari F40 is made of Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum, making vehicle weight of only 1,100 kg. Also contributed to the reduction of the mass produced plastic windows. Overall length of the Ferrari F40 is 4360 mm, width – 1970, height – 1 125, while the value of the wheelbase is 2450 mm. For those years supercars spartan interior was normal. I was no exception and Ferrari F40 – in the car no audio, or even rugs. However, for the air conditioner place yet found.

Specifications Ferrari F40.

Road tests have shown that the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes on the Ferrari F40 only 3.8 seconds, and the track was able to improve this figure to 3.2 seconds (it exceeds the acceleration time from zero to hundreds of modern Ferrari FF). Said automaker maximum speed of 324 km/h proved for this supercar is not the limit. Owner Japanese representative Ferrari in 1992 proved that the F40 could go much faster. His videotaped when he raced at top speed on the motorway. By the time he was arrested, he had sold more than ten thousand video. With a little modernization pressurization and air intake car can develop all the 364 km/h. Until 1990, Ferrari F40 was not the catalytic converter, so the car is equipped with three tailpipes. Through the central excess gases are discharged from the turbine and used for extreme exhaust outlet of the cylinder block. Suspension superpenalty double wishbone such as GTO and Ferrari, but with updated items and the possibility, if necessary, modify the clearance (clearance), which is normally equal to 125 mm. Ferrari F40 in motorsports Originally part F40 in the race was not planned, but in 1989, the car debuted in the GTO class ring on Laguna Seca (Eng. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca), located in the state of California (USA) and conceded only two Audi 90 with all-wheel drive. The following season, Ferrari F40 is not involved, but several private riders opted for this supercar performance for racing series GT, which has repeatedly won victories. In 1994, the team won Strandell on this car, “4:00 Vallelunga”, and in 1995 and 1996 pilots at Ferrari F40 LM and F40 GTE obedient “4:00 Anderstorp.” In 1992 edition of the supercar has been terminated, and in 1995 he was replaced by a completely new car Ferrari F50.

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