Car body protection from chips and scratches

The car body is the most expensive part of it. In addition, it is the state of the body is the “calling card” of the owner of the car. Clean and shiny surface is not talking only about the accuracy of the owner and his social status. Body with scratches and chips, of course, serve a much smaller, faster collapsing due to corrosion. And this is not just a matter of practicality, but also the problem of safety. The reasons that lead to the damage of the car body on the road, there are many. It is not only the sad state of roads with their dirt, dust, corrosive reagents road, gravel flying from under the wheels of other cars. Precipitation – it does not always rain mushroom. Often, body damage can be inflicted even medium-sized hail, snow or icing. Because of unqualified staff car wash on the body can also get scratched. To solve these problems, manufacturers are working various protections for the car body. Currently two versions of protective systems can be distinguished – by means of special films, which are pasted over body parts, and with the application of protective compounds (eg, component protection). Protectors made of vinyl or polyurethane. their thickness is 100-200 microns and is usually glued to a specialist workshop. Although in recent years the market there are materials that car owner can stick on the body parts on their own. Lifetime Stone Chip films up to five years. Polyurethane materials in comparison with vinyl stronger and thicker, but the price they have somewhat higher. Such a film can paste over the entire body, but often there are options for partial protection of the most vulnerable parts of the body: the front bumper, front fenders, hood, front pillars. Stone Chip films retain the paint, thus saving on costly procedure to restore it. We establish such a film just a couple of hours, and removed – leaving no trace on the surface of the body parts. At present, these materials are made by many well-known manufacturers. From the most famous may be called 3M, LLumar, Sun Control, Suntek, Suntek Infinity. If we talk about the protection of the body component, the compositions should be allocated on the basis of solid wax, “nanolack” coverage on the basis of “liquid glass” and polishes with the addition of ceramics. In addition, the additional protection of the body can be provided with special materials that are applied to the body parts in the spray booth, using the same technologies that are used in dyeing. For all types of protection component protective layer formed on the surface. Naturally, it is not as durable as the polymer film, and therefore it is required to regularly update and restore. It should be noted that protects it from damage is not as efficient. However, the effect of the blast, pollution and the negative impact it can protect the rain. When choosing the type of protection for the body from chips and scratches to be considered operating conditions. At the suburban road car needs a more serious defense, and in the conditions of a city, you can choose cheaper.

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