The Mitsubishi Motors company has decided to focus on the release of crossovers and SUVs, where the Japanese are well positioned in the market. By the way, unlike many other manufacturers, for them, is one of the priority areas.
Unfortunately, due to the market crisis left the once very popular and sought after compact SUV ASX, which is due to lack of local assembly proved we are too expensive.
So now the main company cashier makes mid-size Mitsubishi Outlander, which has several beneficial advantages in the background of its competitors. Let’s see what they are.

1. Large-size car and a spacious interior. Take a look at the side of the Outlander and all will become clear soon. The rear side windows are much larger than most of my classmates.

2. Nice design. Of course, all individual tastes, but Dorey style option Outlander handsome was not called, but the updated version of the X-shaped front fascia, the presence of chromium and refreshed lighting fixtures, at least, looks contemporary and modern.

3. Reliable atmospheric engines. Yes, they are less efficient compared to turbo engines, but are simple and reliable, faster warm up in the cold and endow the character car clear linear thrust.

4. Competitive prices. Many manufacturers in the crisis raised their price tags on the crossovers to the heavens, and the Outlander and was once more accessible cars in the class, and now it’s advantage was even more noticeable.

Also, get an extra benefit when purchasing Mitsubishi Outlander can be Masmotors motor show, where available with PTSD are still a few cars 2016 release with a good discount.

Plus, customers receive discounts at the time of his old car to trade-in and processing of a loan. So in the end you can save a good, or buy a new car in more expensive equipment than originally planned.