Business-class sedan Lexus GS 3 (S191)

Lexus GS III generation sedan body S191 debuted at the Detroit Auto Show 2005. It is based on a new mid-size platform, which is also used in the second generation IS model, and the design is made in accordance with the philosophy of L-finesse with smooth soaring lines. Compared with its predecessor, Lexus GS 3 largely retained similar features, including the bifurcated head optics, but the car began to look more and muscular shot down. All body panels, grille and light entirely new, and in profile resembles fastback sedan.

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Intermediate Lexus GS 350 is under the hood of 307-hp engine displacement of 3.5 liters, but the drive he already full. With this engine, the sedan is gaining hundred for 6.1 sec., At the top range is rear-drive Lexus GS 460 with a petrol V8, giving out 347 hp and is mounted in a pair with eight-speed machine. This car is easily gaining maximum 250 km/h and 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, he shoots in 5.8 seconds.
Production of the Lexus GS 3 generations ended in 2011, when he was replaced by the new GS IV in the body L10.

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