Honda has produced to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 an unusual concept of Project 2 & 4, which is a ref car and motorcycle. The project won first place in the competition Global Design Project, therefore, has been implemented.
Here single body with a “floating” the driver’s seat, the minimum number of body panels, placed at the corners of the open wheel and located in the base cc V4 engine from racing motorcycle Honda RC213V. According to the winners of the project, when creating the image of the model, they were inspired by the formulary fireballs Honda RA271, won the Grand Prix of Mexico in 1965.
Overall length concept Honda Project 2 & 4 is 3040 mm, width – 1820, height – 995, and the weight is just 405 kg. This engine develops 215 hp (15 less than a motorcycle) and 118 Nm at 10 500 rev/min. Thrust is transmitted to the rear axle through a dedicated six robotized transmission.
Thus, the creators emphasize that Project 2&4 Concept combines the freedom of a motorcycle and agility. Of course, the question of its serial production is not, but theoretically such a model would be quite a competitor such small-scale track “missiles” as the Atom Ariel, KTM X-Bow or BAC Mono.
And indeed, later, one of the authors of the project said the publication of Top Gear, the company that will continue to work on the model of Project 2 & 4, and who knows, maybe in the future because it will something more close to reality.

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