Bugatti prepared for GT6 the Vision Gran Turismo supercar

Many automakers have created a virtual car for the racing simulator Gran Turismo 6. Was no exception and the Bugatti company, which in September 2015, presented the first hypercar Vision Gran Turismo.
It is noteworthy that only one virtual model in Bugatti did not stop, and built a full-scale model of the car, which was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.
The company notes that when creating a virtual Vision Gran Turismo, they drew inspiration from the racing cars Bugatti, won in daily marathon of Le Mans in the late thirties. For example, the two-tone body color evokes associations with the Type 57 sports prototype G Tank.
Bugatti also noted that all elements of the model have been carefully developed and have practical justification and appearance of the prototype is intended to hint at the future looks hypercar Chiron, which will replace the Bugatti Veyron.

foto-bugatti-vgt_03 foto-bugatti-vgt_02 foto-bugatti-vgt_01 foto-bugatti-vgt_06 foto-bugatti-vgt_05 foto-bugatti-vgt_04

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