Brutal off-road Hummer H1

Hummer H1 is a civilian version of the Army SUV HMMWV M998, was in service in 40 countries. The car is completely copies military “Hummer”, except for the lack of armor and weapons. The emergence of civil H1 is dated 1992, and 14 years later the production of the SUV appeared minimized. Saying something about the design of the Hummer H1 – mean to offend famous “couturier” automotive fashion: a utilitarian and gross vehicle there is, perhaps, none of today’s automakers. Actually, due to the fact that initially no one was going to make HMMWV M998 as a civilian SUV, and in creating a military truck guided, first and foremost, practicality and simplicity. But it was the brutality of war and explains the extraordinary popularity H1: the car, as if carved from a single piece of metal, represents a convincing power, monumentality and reliability.

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Hummer H1 Body panels are made of aluminum and riveted, which gives an additional entourage exterior of the car. Produced the world’s largest off-road vehicle (4688 x 2200 mm x 2010 mm, weight of more than 3.5 tonnes) in four body styles – two-seater pick-up, 4-seater pick-up with two types of top (hard and soft) and wagon. If H1 looks a little different from the progenitor, the civilian version of the SUV interior had significantly refined to improve the quality of its user. The instrument panel with small round dials, albeit stylized as its military counterpart, is made of quality materials and equipped with plenty of optional equipment and bodies of their management. The seats are much more comfortable, and the climate control and audio system led to an expensive trip to the Hummer H1 pleasant and comfortable. At the same time talking about the beauty salon is not necessary – but actually that nobody wanted. But the Hummer H1 Alpha was able to boast 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8, issuing all 300 “horses”, which has become not only more powerful than its predecessor, but is also noticeably quieter and more economical. All power units were supplied only with a five mechanics (2005 version is now available with dual-mode automatic transmission) and all-wheel drive drivetrain Torq Trac 4 with a center differential Torsen II, demultilikatorom and electronic system that when slippage retarding one or more wheels. Since 2003, an optional limited-slip rear differential appeared ELocker with the control button on the dashboard. Saying something about picking Hummer H1 is very difficult – in view of their affiliation to the class every car branding may differ significantly from each other in terms of equipment. In the SUV, apart from those mentioned air conditioner and Monsoon music system with CD-changer for 12 discs can be installed on request and winch, and a variety of options at the top of the pickup, and intelligent on-board computer.

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