The British introduced Bristol Bullet speedster

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the company presented in London Bristol rear-drive Bullet speedster (with English translation as a “bullet”). The novelty was the first car of the British brand, released over the past 12 years. The British used in car construction aluminum and carbon fiber, making Speedster curb weight of just 1130 kg. The car is equipped with a 4.8-liter V8 engine from BMW’s capacity of 370 hp. This unit is paired with a six-speed mechanics, also borrowed from the Bavarians. With such a filling Bristol Bullet accelerates from zero to hundred in 3.8 seconds, and its maximum speed can reach 250 km/h. Interestingly, the customers will be offered to choose one of several options for interior design with decorative inserts made of wood and carbon fiber. Among other features worth mentioning Speedster modern multimedia system with touch screen, as well as support for Bluetooth and WiFi. Release of the new Bristol Bullet will start in 2017, when it will be collected only 70 such machines, each of which will cost 250 000 pounds. When all the cars will be sold in Bristol plans to produce electric vehicle, built on a completely new platform.

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