The British brand MG presented a conceptual coupe E-Motion

At the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 British brand the MG, owned Chinese concern SAIC in 2010, presented a conceptual coupe E-Motion.
Creating a design studio Two-door engaged Chinese experts SAIC Design, but a prototype is made in the original style of the British brand, and only the headlights are somewhat similar to Mazda vehicles. The model has received type doors “butterfly wings”, while in the finishing of the exterior chrome abounds.
Presented in Shanghai prototype is equipped with an electrical power plant, the characteristics of which were not yet announced. But the dynamics of the Sino-British coupe known. So, it takes 4.0 seconds, with a maximum cruising range electric vehicle is 500 km to accelerate from zero to hundreds MG E-Motion.
The guide SAIC group prepared to spend a considerable amount of money on promotion of the brand MG, and therefore a conceptual four-seater coupe may well be run in series. Thus trademark vehicle is likely to receive a standard doors, lose cover up flaps in headlamps beam sections, and the amount of chromium is reduced to a manageable.

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