Brabus Roadster 800 based on the new SL 65 AMG

German tuners from Brabus studio prepared for the Geneva Motor Show 2013 Model 800 Roadster, built on the basis of top-end Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. The car was migrated engine and chassis, body kit and new rims.
If the standard 6.0-liter turbocharged engine bi-V12 under the hood of the SL 65 AMG produces 630 “horses” and torque Nm of 1 000, it modified the modification of exactly 800 Brabus develops strength and incredible peak torque at 1420 Nm. Last even had to forcibly limit at around 1100 Nm.
As a result, from zero to hundreds of 800 Brabus Roadster accelerates in 3.7 seconds (0.3 seconds faster than the SL 65 AMG), and the maximum speed is limited to 350 km/h instead of the standard 250. The new roadster tuning speedometer marked up to 360 kilometers hour.
In addition, the car flaunts aerodynamic, all elements of which are made of carbon fiber and have been thoroughly tested in the wind tunnel. The body kit includes a new front apron with a splitter, the bonnet with a central air intake, side “skirts”, a spoiler on the trunk lid and rear bumper with a diffuser.
The picture is completed branded 20-inch wheels Brabus sporting dimension of tires 255/30ZR20 front and 305/25ZR20 – rear, down by 25 mm suspension control module, installed a limited slip differential and decorated by order of the interior. The cost of improvements is not specified.

foto-brabus-800-roadster_03 foto-brabus-800-roadster_02 foto-brabus-800-roadster_01

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