Brabus has created an electric sedan based on the E-Class

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 the Brabus company, in addition to the “charged” Rocket 800 sedan based on the CLS, and will present his complete opposite – electric model High Performance 4WD Full Electric, created based on the Mercedes E-Class (W212).
Outwardly, this car is not much she claims (except for a set of stickers on the sides), except for the slightly modified bumpers, discs and other aluminum front fenders with air vents.
But under the hood of this Brabus High Performance standard internal combustion engine is completely absent – to move the car four motor leads, each of which is fastened to the wheel.
The total output of all motors is 435 horsepower, and their peak torque in Sport mode, up to 3200 Nm. With hundreds of places to electric all-wheel drive sedan accelerates in 6.9 seconds and its top speed of 220 km/h.
For electric power meets a set of lithium-ion batteries that provide driving range of 350 kilometers. Recharging the batteries from 220 Volt takes about five hours, and by using a special quick charge – only a half hour.
In addition, Brabus High Performance 4WD Full Electric is equipped with a unique electro-hydraulic braking system, the ability to recover energy under braking, but the changes in the cabin at least – Add a number of instruments to monitor the operation of electric motors and control battery.
About the series production of this model of speech does not go, although Brabus does not exclude the issue of small batch electric. About how much it may cost, it is still only a guess.

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