Brabus 900 Coupe the Rocket based on the new S65 Coupe

Tuners from Brabus studio reached a top two-door Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupe, turning it into a 900-horsepower supercar projectile dynamics. Presentation of new items will be held at the Geneva Motor Show 2016.
The movement Brabus 900 Rocket Coupe bore leads from the original 6.0 to 6.3 liters engine V12 biturbo, the capacity of which was increased from 630 to 900 “horses”, and peak torque even had to forcibly limit at around 1200 Nm, while it reaches 1500 Nm.
Thrust is transmitted to the rear axle wheels by means of enhanced 7-band automatic transmission (the speed you can click using the paddle) and high-performance limited-slip differential with 40 percent locking.
As a result, from zero to hundreds of tuned Mercedes-AMG S 65 by Brabus Coupe accelerates in 3.7 seconds (0.4 sec. Faster than the factory version), and the bar at 200 km/h the car takes in 9.1 seconds.And if the standard car speed limiter set at around 250 kilometers per hour, here, too, there is the limiter – but it is 350 km/h.
To increase performance specialists Brabus installed on the engine, new turbochargers, a different exhaust system and a specially designed crankshaft with increased stroke. And property management software was written for all.
In addition, the tuners offer the new 65 S Coupe special suspension setting module (reduces the ride height by 15 mm) and a body kit with carbon fiber elements. It includes different front bumper, side “skirts”, the housing rear-view mirrors of carbon fiber rear spoiler, diffuser and rear spoiler.
Rounding out the picture branded rims 21 or 22 inch with tires of the dimension 255/35ZR21 front and 295/30ZR21 – rear or 255/30ZR22 front and 295/25ZR22 – rear respectively. The vehicle interior can be modified according to individual order.
The companies offer an opportunity to buy a ready-Brabus 900 Rocket Coupe, and ordered some tuning elements on the car available at the client, but the price is not specified.

foto-brabus-900-s65c_06 foto-brabus-900-s65c_04 foto-brabus-900-s65c_05 foto-brabus-900-s65c_02 foto-brabus-900-s65c_01 foto-brabus-900-s65c_03

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