Charged SUV Brabus 800 based on the top Mercedes G65 AMG was introduced in early 2013 at the motor show in Qatar. And at the motor show in Geneva in 2014 the German tuners have brought a modification with the prefix iBusiness.
A similar project previously implemented in the sedan Brabus S-Class W221, so we know that iBusiness involves equipping the car with all sorts of gadgets from Apple. A key element of the multimedia system is a computer Mac Mini, equipped with 15.6-inch screen.
Also in the package to iBusiness Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG includes iPad mini, iPod and Apple TV, allows you to play games, listen to music and watch TV. In the trunk of the SUV specially designed for this car amplifier, and access to the Interent provides the high speed modem and WLAN.
The rest of us are already familiar. Externally, the Brabus 800 flaunts aerodynamic Widestar and large 23-inch wheels Brabus Platinum Edition. 6.0 Power-litrovgo engine V12 Biturbo, as the name implies, is increased to 800 hp.
Peak torque of the power unit reaches a staggering 1420 Nm at 2100 r/min, but the company forced its limited at around 1100 Nm. And a top speed limited to 250 km /h, although the standard G65 AMG “collar” does not allow to go faster than 230.
Without the limiter, according to the manufacturer, Brabus 800 can accelerate to 270 kilometers per hour.And a place to hundred SUV accelerates in 4.2 seconds. Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared at the level of 17.0 liters per hundred kilometers.
The price of the car is not called.

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