Firm Borgward has presented within the limits of the Frankfurt motor show 2017 concept sedan Isabella. Four-door, named after the 1958 coupe of the same name, received a futuristic exterior design and electrical stuffing. Borgward Isabella has a coupe-like silhouette and opening on a complex trajectory doors. Other distinctive features of the model are a pronounced front splitter, a muscular hood and a glass roof. In the cabin instead of the traditional panel, Isabella has a “surfboard”. Plus, the concept received a central holographic 3D screen, which the developers call a scarf. The four-wheel drive Borgward Isabella is equipped with two electric motors, one of which is mounted on the front and the other on the rear axle. In total they develop 300 hp. and 450 Nm. Dynamic characteristics of the prototype are not disclosed. The control electronics of the car has five modes of operation, each of which is able to adapt to the driver’s driving style. It should be noted that when the Sport and Sport + modes are activated, the priority in the distribution of thrust is given to the rear axle. Serial production of the Borgward Isabella sedan is not planned, and the concept was created solely to promote the brand in the Old World.