BMW X6 M TYPHOON S received a package from the G-POWER

We have already talked about the 725-strong G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON crossover, and now the German tuner of the G-Power company package optimized for BMW X6 M TYPHOON. The car has received an aggressive front bumper with larger air intakes, additional holes in the hood for improved cooling of the engine, carbon fiber diffuser and sport springs, reduced the ride height by 30 mm. In addition, customers can order on the X6 M more than 23-inch wheels Silverstone RS, which together with the Michelin tires will cost 8865 euros. Tuning BMW X6 M by G-Power can boast acceleration from zero to a hundred in just 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 300 km/h.

g-power-x6-m-typhoon_03g-power-x6-m-typhoon_01g-power-x6-m-typhoon_06g-power-x6-m-typhoon_04g-power-x6-m-typhoon_05-650x433 g-power-x6-m-typhoon_02-650x433

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