Bmw ahead of schedule will stop production of m3

BMW in August of this year will stop the production of sports sedan M3. This is due to the tougher requirements for harmful emissions, which in the summer come into force in Europe. The Bavarians considered that bringing the sports sedan to them was economically inexpedient.

To meet the stated requirements for emissions and fuel consumption, the machine requires the installation of an additional filter, Otto particulate filter. Podkapotnoe space sedan does not allow you to install it without a complete reconfiguration. As a result, BMW decided to abandon this model.

Interestingly, the BMW M4 Coupe on the assembly line will remain, at BMW only suspended its production for the time it would take to install the Otto filter, which requires quite a serious engineering intervention.

Thus, it turns out that the BMW M3 will disappear from the car market for a year and a half: a new generation of sports sedan will be introduced only in 2020. At the same time, according to rumors, the model will receive a hybrid power unit.

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