In 2017, BMW will stop the import of some models, which, according to the company’s management, uneconomical to equip the system ERA-GLONASS. Bavarians abandon hybrid i8 sportscar, M3 sedan, 5 Series GT hatchback, as well as convertibles 4 Series (including the M4 Convertible) and 6 Series (including M6 Convertible). A complete withdrawal of these models is not talking to the market, as until the end of 2016 the Germans were planning to have a sufficient number of cars, and therefore in the 2017th still be able to easily purchase the car in 2016 onwards Recall that in 2017, all new vehicles must be equipped with an automatic emergency response ERA-GLONASS. Car manufacturers will have to check its performance on their machines with the help of two crash tests (frontal and lateral) and the rollover test.