Edition Car reports that the premiere of the BMW M3 (G80) sedan of the next generation will take place only in 2021, while the car will receive a richer equipment, and in its motion will result in a revised version of the existing 3.0-liter turbo-chaser. Bavarians are not going to abandon the engine. Specialists of the brand are going to modernize it seriously, equipping the system with water injection into the intake manifold. This technology was first used in a serial application on the BMW M4 GTS Coupe and allowed to improve the combustion process of the fuel mixture. Journalists Car believe that the recoil motor of the new BMW M3 G80 will be about 500 hp, while it will work either in conjunction with a six-speed mechanics, or with an eight-band automatic. It is possible that for a surcharge the customer will be able to order the system of a plug-in all-wheel drive, but it will be available only for cars with automatic transmission. One increase in engine power will not stop there. The company also plans to facilitate the construction of a “charged” four-door, maximizing the use of aluminum and composite materials. Recall that the existing M3 in the body of the F80 weighs 1,610 kg. The list of equipment of the sedan will be significantly expanded. The car will receive a 48-volt power supply system, adaptive shock absorbers, a rear differential lock, micro-hybrid technology, superchargers with electric drive and electric brakes. At the same time, journalists consider the appearance of active aerodynamic elements on the new BMW M3 G80, air suspension and active stabilizers of lateral stability unlikely.