BMW M3 E92 5.0 V10 SMG from the Manhart Racing studio

Tuning studio Manhart Racing has prepared powerful BMW M3 E92 5,0 V10 SMG. As the name implies, the BMW M3 has received a 5.0-liter V10, which experts from Manhart Racing skillfully placed in the engine compartment coupe, the benefit of experience as an example of tuning BMW Z4 they already have. On the car set 7-speed SMG transmission and speed limiter removed. Externally M3 E92 V10 SMG feature front and rear spoilers, a diffuser, a stylish 20-inch BBS wheels models Wheels Challenge R, as well as Bilstein dampers in the suspension. The interior of the tuner Manhart Racing made leather upholstery and Alcantara, in the decoration of some of the elements used carbon fiber, and embedded in the steering wheel display, which can display the passage of a quarter mile.

manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_03manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_01manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_04manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_06manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_05-650x433 manhart-racing-bmw-m3-v10_02-650x433

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