Bavarian automaker brought to Beijing chic concept BMW Vision Future Luxury, which gives a clear idea of ​​how it will look flagship sedan 7-Series next generation.
The prototype is made ​​in the same style as that shown at the event Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in May 2013th two-door the BMW Gran Lusso Coupe V12, which worked on the design experts of studio Pininfarina.
The car received a huge “nostrils” brand grating raditora, lighting equipment narrow, frameless doors (and the rear opening against a course), and a long hood and low roof, giving the sedan a rapid appearance evokes associations with four-door 6 Series Gran Coupe.
Interior BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept is decorated in a minimalist style, and in finishing are used high-quality materials, including leather, inserts made of wood, aluminum and carbon fiber.
Before the driver placed the instrument panel, which consists of three LCD displays, and are touch-sensitive side. Another screen size of less built into the front panel to the front passenger, and for residents of the luxurious rear seats are separate two removable tablet computer.
The car is equipped with multiple safety systems, laser lights, lanterns OLED and projection display, which displays an image in accordance with driver.
Overall dimensions of the sedan BMW Vision Future Luxury, as well as details about its technical stuffing were not disclosed. When waiting for the emergence of a new “Seven” is a manufacturer and says nothing.

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