BMW brought to the motor show in Los Angeles 2017 a hybrid sports car ay with convertible top. The new model BMW i8 Roadster has got a cloth roof, and on its wheels 20-inch disks of a special design, each of which approximately by 1 kg more light than those put on the coupe, adorn. The soft top of the roadster can be raised and lowered on the move, if the speed does not exceed 50 km / h. The roof is folded vertically using an electric drive into a special compartment, located in place of the second row of seats. In his place, in addition, we managed to place a small box (volume 92 l) for storing things. As part of the presentation of the new BMW i8 roadster 2018-2019, representatives of the Bavarian brand said that both models of the family will now be equipped with a more powerful hybrid unit with a total output of 374 hp. (+ 12). The growth was achieved exclusively due to a more efficient electric motor responsible for the rotation of the front wheels. Its output was increased from the original 131 to 143 “horses”, while a 231-strong petrol turbo engine with a working volume of 1.5 liters remained the same. Plus, the Germans increased the capacity of lithium-ion batteries to 11.6 kWh (+ 4.5). In the fully electric mode, the coupe can drive up to 55 kilometers, and the BMW i8 Roadster – up to 53 km, while the speed in motion on electric traction is limited to a mark of 120 km / h. As for the dynamic characteristics, the updated hybrid installation accelerates the BMW i8 from a place to a hundred for the previous 4.4 seconds, and the roadster takes this bar in 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed of both is limited by electronics at 250 km / h.