BMW i3 was set more capacious battery

In the spring of 2016 BMW i3 hatchback has a new set of high-capacity batteries, making the stock the electric vehicle travel increased by 50%. The company notes that the development of new battery was conducted in conjunction with Samsung. Together, the experts managed to increase the battery capacity from 22 to 33 kWh, with a cruising range electric version “i” increased from 190 km to 300 km. According to the Bavarian brand, BMW i3 with upgraded batteries can travel more than 200 km, even in cold weather and operating climate control. Note that the new set of batteries is available not only for a 170-strong electric BMW i3, but also for the modification of the hybrid. The latest addition has a 647-cc gasoline engine, which is used to recharge the batteries, increasing range with another 150 kilometers. The Germans managed to keep the previous size of the new battery pack, but at the same time he was 50 kg heavier than the former, which is slightly impact on the dynamics of the model. So, to disperse from zero to hundreds of electric BMW i3 2016 required 7.3 seconds (0.1), and hybrid – 8.1 seconds (0.2). The maximum speed is still limited to 150 km/h. In Germany, the BMW i3 with a new set of batteries already on sale. To buy a car, you can at the price from 36,150 euros, while for the version with the engine Bavarians asked for at least € 41,150.

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