The BMW Group has reclassified the i-department

The BMW Group has decided to change the direction of the activities of his unit i, which was engaged in the development of hybrid and all-electric models. From now on, the department will focus on the creation of an autonomous control systems. This decision prompted the Bavarians low sales models i-family. For example, in 2015 only 25,000 were sold in the world of electric vehicles the i3, which is clearly not satisfied with the Germans. As a result, BMW’s i-Guide retrain department, moving the release date of the new unit model 2021. In connection with the change of activity of division becomes clear the recent departure of top managers of the company. Earlier, the BMW left the camp Benoit Jacob, Dirk Abenrot, Carsten Breytfild and Henrik Wenders, who took an active part in the development of models i3 and sport i8. Develop your own autonomous control systems will enable the Bavarian automaker impose competition firms Lyft and Uber. The media do not exclude the possibility that the Germans will be working on new projects in cooperation with another company, it is rumored to be Chinese.


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