According to the publication Auto Motor und Sport, the September Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW is going to introduce four new models at once. First, of course, will be charged the new sedan the BMW M5 F10, information about the premiere of which appeared more than a year ago. The second innovation is to be charged version of the M3 sedan prefix GTS in the title. This car was recently spotted Photospies, he will receive the modified bumper recustomized suspension and an upgraded powertrain, the return of which will increase from 420 to 450 hp Third novelty should be updated hechtbek the BMW 1-series, the official information which is not too much. It is expected that the car will receive retouched appearance, improved interior and an increased wheelbase. Finally, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 may take place the presentation of the electric BMW i3. Recall that the Bavarian company has created a sub-brand “i”, under which will produce electric vehicles and hybrids. I3 compact model equipped with 150-horsepower electric motor, which allows to overcome without charging about 257 kilometers, with a top speed can reach 160 km/h.

bmw-m3-gts-2012-spy-650x432 bmw-i3-spy-650x432 bmw-1-series-2012-spy-650x432