New BMW 8-Series Coupe 2019

Before the start of the 24-hour Le Mans 24-hour marathon in 2018, the Bavarian automaker presented on the Sarthe ring a new model of the BMW 8-Series Coupe in the body with the G15 index. Earlier in the company’s lineup there was already a two-door “eight”, but it was removed from the assembly line already nineteen years ago! True, the current two-door can not yet be called the direct heir of the legendary 8er (E31) , in fact, it came to replace the coupe 6-series. Later on, a cabriolet, four-door Gran Coupe will appear on its base, and then all of them will acquire “charged” modifications from M GmbH. BMW catalog The appearance of the new BMW 8-Series 2018-2019 (photo, price) did not become a big surprise, since the design was previously run on the corresponding concept. At the same time, the car turned out to be damn handsome – it can not be taken away from him. At the front there is a proprietary radiator grille with two nostrils, which became noticeably larger than on the “six”, got a slightly modified shape and visually cross one another. Head optics in the base are completely LED, and the company assures that the headlights on the coupe are the thinnest, among all the models in the line. The aggressive front bumper with huge slots in the air ducts is an integral part that complements the long bonnet with ribs, as well as graceful punching on the sidewalls and chic hip extensions on the rear fenders. The rear window on the coupe is full, the trunk lid is crowned with a spoiler integrated into it. The forage of the BMW 8-Series G15 flaunts the narrow long lanterns and the “evil” bumper with vertical slots on the sides, the center diffuser and the large trapezoidal nozzles of the exhaust system. For a surcharge, the M Sport body kit and the Carbon package are available, featuring a carbon fiber spoiler, diffuser, rearview mirror housings and front air intakes. The interior of the two-door was in many respects unified with a new crossover BMW X5 G05 . Here, the same electronic instrument panel on a 12.3-inch display with similar graphics, the same door handles of unusual shape, a 10.25-inch screen of the multimedia system iDrive 7.0, tiny touchpads for climate control between the central ducts. The steering wheel in the car received a new hub, the rotary switch of the outside light was replaced by a button block, the key and selectors on the torpedo were rearranged, where the engine start button also moved. The handle of the check point for a surcharge can be made of Swarovski glass, and the rear sofa molded for two people is devoid of traditional head restraints. Specifications The basis of the BMW 8 coupe 2019 was the modular platform CLAR, in its architecture repeats the sedan of the fifth series. All suspension in a circle is spring (no air springs are offered), in front – two-lever, rear – multi-link construction. And all this by default is supplemented not only with adaptive shock absorbers, but with a rear thrust mechanism. The latter deflects the wheels of the rear axle by an angle of up to 2.5 degrees. At speeds of up to 72 km / h (in the Sport and Sport + modes up to 88 km / h), the rear wheels rotate in antiphase with the front wheels, which improves maneuverability and reduces the turning radius, and more – in the same direction as the front wheels, adding stability to the car and stability in bends. Initially, for the car prepared only two modifications – both go along with a modernized eight-band automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system, with a multi-disc clutch connecting the front axle. The version of the BMW 640d xDrive is equipped with a new 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder turbo diesel with 320 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque, with which the two-door dials a hundred from a seat in 4.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 kilometers per hour. Under the hood, the M850i ​​xDrive housed a seriously modified 4.4-liter petrol V8 with a double supercharged, whose output, compared to the previous N63 engine (put on 650i), was increased from 450 to 530 “horses”, and the thrust increased from 650 to 750 Nm. The acceleration time to a hundred is 3.7 seconds. This engine retained a couple of turbochargers in the collapse of the unit, but the direct injection pressure was increased from 200 to 350 bar, cooling was improved, the heads of the block, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and ignition system were completely new, to reduce vibration, the crankshaft was equipped with a friction damper. The top version of the M850i ​​immediately goes on 20-inch wheels (for diesel are also available on 18 and 19 “) and with an electronically controlled locking rear differential. For a surcharge, active stabilizers of lateral stability with electric actuators are offered. Brakes in the base with four-piston calipers on the front axle, rear – single-piston with a floating bracket.

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