Hybrid BMW models with the ability to recharge the batteries from a household electrical outlet will receive iPerformance console title. The first model of the new line was the modification of the hybrid 7-Series sedan next generation public which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2016.
The power plant of BMW 740e iPerformance consists of a 2.0-liter turbo engine (258 hp), 113-horsepower electric motor, which is a single unit with eight-speed machine and battery pack with a capacity of 9.2 kWh. The total capacity of the plant up to 326 “horses” (500 Nm).
For acceleration from zero to hundred rear-drive hybrid sedan requires 5.6 seconds, and all-wheel drive version of the xDrive makes it 0.1 seconds. faster. In the press release notes that the four-wheel drive is able to operate not only when the internal combustion engine, but also in all-electric mode.
As for the average fuel consumption of the new BMW 740e iPerformance, it is claimed at 2.1 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle (full-drive consumes 0.1 liters per hundred more). The level of emissions per kilometer is 49 grams.

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In only one electric hybrid “Seven” is able to travel up to 40 km. In the version with an extended wheelbase, this figure is somewhat lower – 37 kilometers.
The standard equipment includes the BMW 740e iPerformance wireless charging for modern gadgets, interactive key to display multimedia navigation and the ability to control gestures, plugs warming up and cooling the passenger compartment, as well as LED headlights.
Information on the date of commencement of sales of this modification, and prices on it yet.

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