New BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo G32 2018, prices and equipment

Without waiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, the Bavarians made a presentation of a large hatchback BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo in mid-June. As expected, the new model replaces the BMW 5 GT, rising one step higher in the hierarchy of the model line.
Compared with its predecessor, the exterior of the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo 2017-2018 year to get more elegant and sporty. Roof become lower, while its upper point shifted behind the center pillar, on the 64 mm edge of the trunk has been omitted.
With more streamlined body able to reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient (0.29 to 0.25), but with frameless door structure were retained. With them difficult to achieve high results in side crash tests, but the company apparently managed to resolve this issue.
Front “six” in the GT G32 new body resembles a sedan 5-series G30, showing off a large diode optics, adjacent to the “nostrils” branded grille. The front wings were the ventilation slots, and the food got more aggressive bumpers and lights.
In general, the appearance of a hatchback is now much more reminiscent of the younger BMW 3-series GT, and the interior is mostly unified with “five”. We see a similar steering wheel and instrument panel, the same front panel, large screen multimedia system, etc.. Rear passengers for a fee you can order the monitors.
The basis of the new BMW 6-Series GT 2018 has laid down CLAR modular chassis, which is already in the database is installed behind Pneumatic elements (as versatile 5-Series ) maintains a constant ground clearance, regardless of the degree of stress. The surcharge Air suspension can be installed from the front, which will adjust the ride height by 30 mm.
Due to the increased use of high-strength steels in design and made of aluminum doors, hood and trunk lid, able to reduce vehicle weight to 115 kg, and this in spite of increased dimensions. Length BMW HT 6 is 5091 mm (+ 105), WB (3070 mm) is the same as sedan 7 Series G11, but height has decreased by 21 mm – up to 1538.
The rear backrest of the sofa added in a proportion of 40:20:40, trunk volume increased to 610 liters (was 500), and if desired compartment size can be increased up to 1 800 l vs. 1700 previously. In addition, up to 50 mm loading height has been reduced.
At first, for BMW 6 Gran Turismo offered three power units – petrol engines volume 2,0 (630i) and 3,0 (640i) liter returns to 258 and 340 liters, and three-liter six-cylinder diesel engine (630d) power 265 forces. All of them are combined in a pair with 8-band automatic and rear-wheel drive, but the last two can be ordered xDrive all-wheel drive transmission.
European sales of the BMW 6 GT will start in November 2017 at a price of € 62,800 in Germany. Among the many options for the model appear panorama roof length 1065 mm, with a variable steering gear ratio, adaptive shock absorbers, active stabilizers, sports M-suspension and so forth.

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