The BMW 6-Series Cabrio by Kelleners Sport company

German tuners from Kelleners Sport studio have estimated that the new BMW 6-Series in the top-end version of the 650i is not used to its full potential and decided to remedy the situation by developing a special Power Boost. What exactly did the engineers of Kelleners in the press release are not reported, but now the 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 produces 490 “horses” instead of the standard 407 and maximum torque increased from 600 to 720 Nm. Outside view of the new BMW 6-Series convertible tuners did not touch, offering to its customers a unique set of wheel radius 19 and 20 inches. Also, experts from Kelleners Sport offers leather upholstery chairs, wooden laths inside saloon, velor floor mats and metal pedals. The cost of improvements is not called.

bmw-6-cabrio-by-kelleners_02-650x487 bmw-6-cabrio-by-kelleners_03-650x487 bmw-6-cabrio-by-kelleners_01-650x487

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