On the night of October 13, 2016 held an online presentation of the BMW 5-Series sedan in the new body G30 – it is already the seventh generation “five”, which replaced the car with the F10 index, serialized from 2010. The world premiere of the new BMW 5 (G30) will be held in early January at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017. Outside, the car has not changed too much – in the profile model is guessed correctly. Front BMW 5 2017 in a new body of -30 is made in the style of the older “Seven” with larger “nostrils” trademark grille and adjoining head optics.

Complete set and the price of the BMW 5 G30 2017

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
520d $52,400 2.0 diesel (190 hp) Machine (8) rear
520d xDrive $58,000 2.0 diesel (190 hp) Machine (8) full
530i $58,000 2.0 petrol (249 hp) Machine (8) rear
530i xDrive $62,600 2.0 petrol (249 hp) Machine (8) full
530d xDrive $72,000 3.0 diesel (249 hp) Machine (8) full
540i xDrive $72,000 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Machine (8) full
M550i xDrive $102,000 4.4 petrol (462 hp) Machine (8) full

The rear lights on the car are more slanted and on the front wings there was a small air intake with a stylish metal strap – this solution is applied to a number of other new models of the Bavarian manufacturer. Of course, here completely reissued bumper, which, like the pipes of the exhaust system can vary, depending on the selected modification. Inside, the BMW 5-Series 2017-2018 year also turned out to be close to the flagship. front panel Architecture – typical of the brand, the center console is now a stand-alone display multimedia system, which has a diagonal of 10.25 inches in the high-end versions. Changed the steering wheel and dashboard, improved insulation and decoration materials, and electric front seats controls become touch. Already in the base machine has dual-zone climate control (for an extra charge is offered four zone), have ionization and air flavoring, head-up display has become 70% more than before, in the presence of a function of wireless charging for smartphones, the integration of which has become even deeper (you can check your emails, synchronized with the diary, and much more). Multimedia supports the management of gestures and recognize voice commands, Apple CarPlay support can now be carried out without the help of a wired connection, there was a remote parking system when the driver does not need to stay inside the car and find a free parking space to help special services On-Street Parking and ParkNow. Specifications The basis of the new BMW 5 Series 2017 (G30) has laid down a modular chassis CLAR, which also built the BMW 7 (G11/G12) with double wishbones at the front and rear pyatirychazhkoy. However, the bellows are not available here, even for a fee – can prove adaptive dampers and active anti-Dynamic Drive electromechanical actuators. Preserved and the opportunity to order a car with Integral Active Steering system which turns the rear wheels at an angle of three degrees. At high speed in the same direction as the front (for better stability), in the parking lot – in the opposite direction (to provide greater maneuverability). The design of the new “five” BMW -30 use more high-strength steels and aluminum (made from the last door, roof, hood and trunk lid), thereby reducing the car’s weight by 100 kg compared to its predecessor. But the use of carbon fiber (as in “seven”), it was decided to give up because of its high cost. Overall length of the BMW 5-series (G30) is 4936 mm (+ 36), the value of the wheelbase is 2975 (+ 7), width – 1868 (+8), height – 1466 (+2), and the amount of luggage increased to 530 liters compared to 520 earlier. The drag coefficient could be reduced from 0.26 to 0.22 (including through active shutters in front of the radiator), which, together with more economical engines, has reduced the average fuel consumption by 12%. At first, the new items available for only four engines – a pair of petrol and diesel. All of them are combined with 8-band automatic Steptronic, except for the initial diesel engine, six-speed manual transmission which relies. But proprietary system xDrive all-wheel drive can be installed on any modification. Under the hood of the BMW 530i located 2.0-liter “turbochetverka” power of 252 hp (350 Nm), which for the market deforsiruyut to 249 forces. 540i version equipped with a 340-strong (450 Nm), “six” working volume of 3.0 liter, four-wheel drive sedan accelerates from zero to hundred in 4.8 seconds. The base diesel variant 520d develops 190 hp (400 Nm) with two liters of volume, and a more powerful three-liter unit in the version with index 530d produces 265 “horses” and 620 Nm of torque. In March of 2017 is expected to appear special modifications 520d EfficientDynamics Edition, the average fuel consumption is claimed at 3.9 liters per hundred compared to 4.2 on the original version. The top-end option until a full-fledged BMW M5 a new generation will be a performance M550i xDrive with a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo power of 462 hp (650 nm), which fires a sedan from 0 to 100 km/h for exactly 4.0 seconds. At the other extreme, rechargeable hybrid modification 530e iPerformance a 252-strong installation of the two-liter petrol internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

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Sales of the new BMW 5-series (G30) will start February 11, 2017, but pricing information yet. Among other things, as an option for the model offered front seats with massage, a 1400-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 16 speakers, adaptive head optics with a beam assistant BMW Selective Beam function and many security systems. For example, the adaptive cruise control is active at speeds up to 210 km/h, and it will follow the road signs and keeps the machine in a selected band, which can be changed by activating the turn signals. And then there is the function of exchanging information with other cars on the dangerous sections of the road, but we have it will not work.

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