The BMW Group continues to expand its family of models 4-series, adding to the already previously submitted coupe and convertible with the prefix Gran Coupe, which will take place in the line producer on the step below BMW 6 Gran Coupe and will compete with Audi A5 Sportback. Presentation of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) was held February 1, 2014, and the world premiere of the new items was held at the Geneva Motor Show. Contrary to the assumption that the car will be built on the base hatchback BMW 3 GT, which has increased to 2 920 mm wheelbase, in fact, was taken as a basis for the standard coupe.

Configuration and price BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
420i $42,600 2.0 petrol (184 hp) Automatic (8) rear
420d xDrive $49,400 2.0 Diesel (184 hp) Automatic (8) full
428i xDrive $55,100 2.0 petrol (245 hp) Automatic (8) full
435i xDrive $62,800 3.0 petrol (306 hp) Automatic (8) full

In this case, unlike the latter, BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe (F36) turned out to be 112 mm in length in the back and 12 mm higher to ensure a more comfortable margin of space above the heads of the rear passengers. The total length of the model is 4638 millimeters, width – 1825, height – 1389. The trunk lid of the car rises with glass, and the mechanism is equipped with an electric drive. In addition, as an option available already known function of automatic opening activated by holding his feet under the rear bumper (with the car keys in your pocket). The volume of the compartment is 480 liters, and when folded back rest of the sofa (transformed in the ratio 40:20:40), its size increases to 1300 liters.
Like the older model, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe sports a frameless doors and a swift silhouette, which is created by the long bonnet, low sloping roof and large wheels. Plus is available for car M-package including outdoor kit and interior design items. Shop almost entirely repeats itself on the coupe. For the European market provided petrol modification 420i, 428i and 435i, as well as diesel versions 418d and 420d, fitted with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine capacity of 143 and 184 hp, respectively.
The basic model has a two-liter engine under the hood of a return to 184 hp, and the next in rank versions put turbocharged engine providing 245 and 306 “horses”. The price of the new BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe 2015 starts from $42,600 for a base modification of 420i, which is $1,400. more similar. For the diesel version 420d xDrive we asked of $49,400 and 435i xDrive masthead version will cost a minimum of $62,800.