BMW 220i Coupe from Mcchip-DKR tuning studio

German Mcchip-DKR studio specialists presented revised version of the coupe the BMW 220i Coupe 2,0-liter turbo engine. Tuners offer a two-step program to improve the capacity of the car. So, by flashing electronic engine control unit output 184-horsepower engine can be increased to 255 hp It will cost the customer in 1099 euros. If the customer wants to speed up the engine even more, the specialists from Mcchip further upgrade the turbine, as well as set other exhaust system. These improvements will increase the impact of the power unit to 320 hp, but the cost in the 6399 Euros. But it is important to note that this price also includes special 19-inch wheels, “shod” in the Michelin tires and sports suspension firm KW. The company did not specify the characteristics of the modified BMW 220i, but the version of Mcchip-DKR definitely sink faster version, which is to disperse from zero to hundreds of 7,0 seconds is required. In addition, an electronic tuner offer shift speed limiter from 230 to 260 km/h.

foto-bmw-2-mcchip_03 foto-bmw-2-mcchip_02 foto-bmw-2-mcchip_01

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