Cars are ideal for drift, and the BMW 1-Series is no exception. The copy of the “unity” captured in the video was additionally subjected to numerous modifications, which made it more suitable for passing steep turns.

Such a hatch received the front end from the M3 (E92) with wheel arch extensions, a new hood, and a different bumper. At the stern, there was a massive wing, while the body of the model itself is glued with catchy vinyl.

Instead of a standard engine, the car was equipped with the racing engine LS3 V8 from General Motors. According to the description for the video, in the “unit” this unit develops 530 hp. Plus, a new exhaust system was installed on the car, which allowed to achieve “incredible sound”.

The owner of the tuned BMW 1-Series is the famous drifter Diego Quaranta, but how much the rider had to pay for all these improvements is unknown.