Bentley Mulsanne turned into Grand Convertible

Bentley is still in 2012 announced plans to build a luxury convertible based sedan Mulsanne, which in future could be a successor to the Azure. But a year later, the British abandoned their ideas.
But, as it turned out, the project still continued existence – to the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2014 the manufacturer has prepared a concept Bentley Grand Convertible, apparently made in the style of Mulsana.
Open source code version will be shorter, and sports a graceful profile rear wings that are not on four-door. But inside the stored full four seats, and the level of interior finish and materials used are impressive.
The interior design of Bentley Grand Convertible Concept used in high-quality leather fourteen shades and wood panel behind the rear seats is made of a single piece of veneer, which is the biggest of those that have ever been used in cars Bentley.
Cabriolet painted in exclusive color Sequin Blue, a silver hood and windshield frame contrasted with him.Under the hood of the car is located 6.75-liter engine V8 twin-turbo power of 537 hp (1100 Nm) from the sedan Mulsanne Speed, but the dynamic characteristics of the model are not specified.
In the autumn of 2015 it became known that the company has received a positive response from potential customers in the conceptual Grand Convertible, so it decided to launch the car into production. It is expected that the original manufacturer will roll out an updated version of the sedan Mulsanne (spring 2017), and the production version of the big gig on its base will debut in the autumn of 2016 on a motor show in Los Angeles. Pricing information yet.

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