In February 2009, Bentley presented the fastest car in the lineup – it was a coupe with the prefix Continental Supersports. World premiere of new items was held at the Geneva Motor Show.
Moreover, compared with a conventional compartment Continental GT, Continental Supersport version turned 100 kg lighter (mass model is 1250 kg). Managed to achieve this by eliminating the back of the sofa in the lounge, the installation of lightweight carbon-ceramic brakes and 20-inch alloy wheels, as replacement of the front seats in the made of composite counterparts. Among other technical features of the Bentley Continental Supersport be noted upgraded 8-band automatic Quickshift, recustomized steering, extended by 50 mm rear track and modified suspension with shock absorbers and other anti-roll bars.
From zero to hundreds Bentley Continental Supersports accelerated just 3.9 seconds (0.6 seconds again. In this case, the power unit can not operate only with gasoline but bioethanol E85, or both coupled fuels. Externally, the Continental Supersport is easily identified by a different front bumper with vertical side air intakes, vents in the bonnet and the rear oval branch pipes of the exhaust system in a wide slot of the rear bumper and a small spoiler on the trunk lid.

Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible.

A year later, at the motor show in Geneva in 2010, the debut of the open modified Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible to the same engine and the same technological changes, as well as on the same compartment. From 0 to 100 km/h Bentley Continental Supersport Convertible accelerates in 4.2 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 325 kilometers per hour. Thus, this gig is not only the fastest in the lineup of the British brand, but, according to the manufacturer, the fastest four-seater convertible in the world. Price patterns in the United States at the time of its appearance in the sale was 280,400 dollars, and the cost coupe Bentley Continental Supersports was for $10,400 less.