Bavarians are testing new roadster BMW Z5

In place of the model Z4 Bavarian automaker is preparing a new roadster BMW Z5, the world premiere of which is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, and the production model is planned for 2018 To create a new BMW Z5 2018 in the company teamed up with the Japanese from Toyota, so that the two cars will be produced on the same platform. Will they have a common and at least one engine – we are talking about a three-liter inline-turbo BMW capacity of about 350 hp Judging by the spy photos, the new model BMW Z5 2018-2019 will receive a folding fabric top, but Toyota Supra in the new body will be a hard top. The basic versions of both models must be rear-wheel drive, but the Japanese sports car expected emergence of a hybrid all-wheel drive version. More detailed information about the new BMW Z5 yet. Both cars decided to produce in Austria, the company Magna Steyr. Sales of new products is likely to begin in 2018, but the exact timing and the price is not yet known.

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