The basic version of the Tesla Model X was the modification of the 75D

The basic version of the Tesla Model X crossover has received more capacious battery packs, which has a positive effect on the cruising range electric vehicle. From now on, the most affordable Model X is equipped with a battery capacity of 75 kilowatt hours (kWh + 5). So if before the base version called the Model X 70D, but now she got 75D index. More capacious batteries allowed to increase the cruising range of electric crossover is 27 kilometers away, and now he is able to travel without recharging up to 381 km. But the dynamic characteristics of the model has not changed, and for the acceleration from zero to hundreds of electric cars is still required 6.0 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 209 km/h. Installing a high-capacity battery is also reflected in the price of the car. Basic modification has risen to $ 3,000 – in the end to buy Tesla Model X 75D in the United States it is possible for 84,200 dollars. But customers who are planning to buy a car with a third row of seats, will have to pay four thousand dollars.


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