AvtoVAZ picture shown renewed Priora 2015

AvtoVAZ published the first official image of the updated Lada Priora sedan 2015 model year received a modified design of the front part, made in the style of a concept XRay SUV, first shown at the motor show in Moscow 2012. A key element is a new style of X-shaped front end, which in the future will be the original couple, all models of Lada. More detailed information about the restyled Priore is not reported. It can be assumed that the car will make its debut at the Moscow Motor Show in 2014, and its sales hardly begin before 2015. This was previously reported that the life of a conveyor Lada Priora extended until 2018 Meanwhile, at the presentation of the 2014 MIAS completely new Lada Vesta sedan, which is positioned as the successor to Prior, but the start of production of new products is scheduled only for the autumn of 2015.


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