mini-logoMini – a brand specializing in the production of the legendary and very small cars manufactured more than 40 years without any changes. Today, Mini and it is very popular model produced under the auspices of Cooper BMW. A history that began in the late 40s, when the company registered a John Cooper Cooper Car Company, which started production of the compact racing cars. One of his designs – Cooper 500 – opened the way to the race many athletes. One of his first clients was Stirling Moss himself. Behind the wheel of the first car, “Formula 2” firm Cooper, who had then still the engine in the front, sat five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio. In the late 50s, when among the winners of the competition was still possible to find the amateur riders, the first Cooper rear-engine appeared along with such giants as Ferrari and Maserati, which at that time relied on front-mounted engine. Created son of a British Mini car racer John Cooper – Mike Cooper and part-owner, and tuning studio name of the father. The appearance of the first model, the Mini back in 1959 caused almost a sensation. At this time, the appearance of a small and economical car would satisfy the demands of the consumers. Since the birth of the legend took place – modifications Cooper and Cooper S. The audience took this krohotulku cool. And in the 59th position did not save even the fact that the standard car was worth only 497 pounds, and in the version of De-luxe – 537. During the first year of production around the world managed to sell a total of 20 thousand cars. A year later, the Europeans “have caught» Mini (many markets machine comes under the names Austin 850 and Morris 850). In 1960 he was made 100 thousand cars, and in 1962 production reached 200 thousand cars a year, and stayed at that level until 1977. In 60 years, John Cooper has achieved many successes in the rally on improved Mini Cooper. But despite the great achievements and popularity, production of the Mini Cooper in 1971 was stopped by the Navy, the time has long owned production. But the Mini remained on the conveyor. Mini has become a cult classic, non-class car. Clippers not neglected members of the royal family, went to Mini Beatles, Peter Ustinov, Charles Aznavour, Belmondo, at Enzo Ferrari, there were already three pieces … The list of celebrities among the owners of Mini takes a few pages of fine print! This is the same list of various versions of the Mini (there are wagons, vans, convertibles, not to mention the dozens of commemorative series, marked by the letters LE – Limited Edition). The same place takes a list of victories in various rallies, including first place in the overall classification Rally Monte Carlo… As time went on, there were expensive and prestigious brands, but these cars did not lose its popularity thanks to the extraordinary cheapness. This group used the Austin Rover and let the machine, though not very big, but quite sufficient. However, profits things were tight. Well-known racer and his son Mike, however, saved the lives of the legendary name. To meet the growing demand for cars Cooper, in 80 years they produced tuning kits and accessories that allow you to convert a serial Mini in a loaded Mini Cooper. In 1990, the Mini Cooper, which is then “live” under the roof of Rover Group, was again brought back to life. The demand for small maneuverable vehicle is not weakened, and John Cooper Works tuning kit produced for the engine and chassis of the immortal classic car until the end of its production. These “whales” were supplied Mini lovers worldwide. And the last “real» Mini was released on October 4, 2000. There have been made almost five and a half million. Life Mini ended on 41 th year. And start over. And do the brand, which produces cars under the Mini, and factories for their release many times passed from hand to hand. In recent years, the Mini was owned by Rover Group. The team then took control of Rover BMW, it was later sold off in parts, and the “passenger” compartment Rover Germans gave nothing. But they left a brand New Mini. Then the quiet word about the New («new») somehow forgot to… Managers BMW has long harbored plans to begin production of small, but prestigious, “luxury” cars, and the Mini brand fell at an opportune moment. The revival of the legendary started with a broad discussion in the British press. Participated and creator of the first live «Mini», in particular, the original developer of the hydropneumatic suspension «Hydrolastic» Alex Moulton and creator of the “charged” rally car, John Cooper. They occupied the main question – how to preserve the individuality of «Mini», and at the same time make it meet modern requirements for capacity and security. In May 2001 there was a newfangled cars – NewMini. Modern remake of the legendary brainchild of Alec Issigonis. Like any other thing, which stepped across the utility, NewMini – fun is not too cheap. Prices for the baby starts from 10 000 British pounds. The “charged” version of the Mini Cooper, with a more powerful engine and a sporty character, the machine will cost even more. Good style is rarely cheap, and only in the stylishness “Mini” there is no doubt. The new Mini has become much more comfortable, faster, more efficient and able to compete with other “dude” cars, especially with Volkswagen NewBeetle. In 2002 the models One and Cooper joined sports modification Cooper S. If only one on the Mini 1,6-liter engine develops 90 hp (in One) and 115 hp (by Cooper), on the Cooper S, its power increased to 163 hp As a result, Cooper S became one of the most powerful cars in the world in this class.