mazda-logoMazda (Mazda Motor Corporation, in 1927-1984 Toyo Kogyo Company), a Japanese car company, specializing in the production of trucks, buses, vans and passenger cars. Included in the financial-industrial group “Sumitomo”. Headquartered in Hiroshima. The history of Mazda, which was founded Jujiro Matsuda in 1920, began with the production of construction materials from balsa wood. Matsuda was born in 1875 in a family of fisherman in Hiroshima Prefecture, in 20 years opened his own smithy, which was closed due to losses, even 11 years later, he tried again and received a patent for a pump for pumping the air, but soon closed again. Just like Matsuda did not give up and in 1920 together with a group of investors decided to start their own business by buying splurge company Abemaki, and is engaged in the production of materials from balsa wood. Of course, as the company did not immediately produce cars, it only allowed the owners to establish the initial capital and the basis for further business and in 1927 she moved to the industrial production. In the twenties, the company released some parties motorcycles and moved to the production of machine tools. 1931 start of production of three-wheeled vehicles. The first vehicles made by this company, began to freight motor tricycles, the need for which was great then – for 25 years they were released 200 thousand pieces. A large number of cargo scooter were produced for the Japanese army during World War II. The company’s plants have survived even during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. After the war, the company began producing trucks. The first cars appeared only in 1960. It was a model R360 Coupe two-door passenger car first, equipped with a 2-cylinder engine of 356 cc It does not differ any frills, but it was inexpensive and convenient.

Mazda R360 Coupe.

In 1962 Mazda Corol representation 600, the first four-door passenger car. In 1964 it saw the light of 1st generation Mazda Familia (800/1000). Since 1964, cars began to be exported to the United States.

Mazda Familia 800.

In 1965 exits the pickup Mazda Proceed (B-series 1500).

Mazda Proceed (B1500).

1967 – the beginning of full-scale export to the European market – presentation of Mazda Cosmo Sports (110 S), the first Mazda vehicle with a Wankel rotary engine (since 1971 supplying its overseas). In the same year Mazda reached an agreement for technical cooperation with Kia Motors Corp.

Mazda Cosmo Sports.

In 1968, the debut of Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe (R100).

Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe (R100).

Since 1970, the start of exports to the United States. In the same year presentation Mazda Capella (RX-2). 1971 – presentation of Mazda Savanna (RX-3).

Mazda Savanna (RX-3).

1972 – presentation of Mazda Luce (RX-4). In the same year the number of vehicles produced reaches 5 million.

Mazda Luce (RX-4).

In 1977 came Mazda Familia (Original GLC/323), as well as the representation of Mazda Capella (626). In 1978, a model Mazda Savanna RX-7. At the same time, Ford Motor has acquired 25% stake in Mazda. In 1980 – an idea FWD Mazda Familia 4 WD. In the same year Mazda Familia (GLC /323) is named “Japan Car of the Year 1980-81”. By 1981, most of the automobile is equipped with a Wankel engine, this time success to develop the US market are so great that opens the American branch of the company – Mazda North America, Inc. With the increase in the consumer market of luxury cars, the Mazda product range is constantly expanding, there are sports cars, cars in the highest group of the middle class and others. Mazda RX-7 – a vivid example of the achievements of Japanese companies: the original design of the body combines rigidity gain while reducing its weight. In 1981, Mazda representation Sosmo/Luce (929). 1982 Mazda Capella representation 4 WD, in the same year Mazda Capella 4WD (626) is named “Japan Car of the Year 1982-83”. In 1983 Mazda Capella (626) is named “Import Car of the Year” by the magazine “Motor Trend” (USA). Then Mazda comes with an 8% capital of Kia Motors.

Mazda Capella.

In 1984 the company renamed the Mazda Motor Corporation. 1985- presentation of the new Mazda Luce (929) in Japan.

Mazda Sosmo/Luce (929).

In 1987 the number of vehicles reaches 20 million. In Japan. It turns out the new Mazda Savanna RX-7. The company begins production of a new car plant American Mazda Motor Manufactory, which is placed on a Michigan. In the same year, introducing a new Ford Festiva (Mazda 121) manufactured by Mazda.

Mazda 121.

In 1988 in the United States comes Mazda MPV. In 1990, Japan emerged Eunos Cosmo (equipped with a car navigation system), as well as Autozam Revue (121). In 1991, the Mazda 787B wins the 24-hour race at Le Mans. This is the first “gold”, take the car in Japan, and the only victory in the history of the car with a rotary engine.

Mazda 787B.

In 1992 the new Mazda 626 receives the title of “Car of the Year”. In 1994 the company became the first Japanese car manufacturer, has received ISO 9002 certification. In 1996 the company was awarded certification for the highest possible quality standard ISO 9001. The company once again ahead of the rest of Japanese brands. In 1997, there is today a new logo. In 1998 – presentation of the new Mazda 323 and the start of sales in Europe Mazda Demio.

Mazda 323.

In 1999, the assembly line goes half a million car Mazda MX-5.

Mazda MX-5.

In 2000 Mazda MX-5 Roadster, which in 2008 received a completely new body design is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most popular sports roadster. It turns out a new SUV Mazda Tribut. At the Detroit Auto Show concept was shown RX-Evolve, the predecessor of current output model RX-8. 2001 – at the motor show in Tokyo demonstrates new Atenza and the preliminary version of the RX-8 rotary engine Renesis. Roadster gets the grand prize “Auto Color Award 2001”. Many models of Mazda in this year received additional “sport” version. In 2002, the company opened its own nursery and has released a new modification of the model MPV – Sports F, designed by women. In 2002, Zoom-Zoom is taken as the basis for the concept of the brand. In 2003 it released the first production Mazda RX-8. Mounted on its RENESIS engine was awarded the title “Engine of the Year” in 2003 and 2004.

Mazda RX-8.

In 2004, it celebrated 25 years of partnership with the company Ford. In 2005, production started fundamentally reworked model Mazda MX-5, the most popular roadster in the world. Adopted a new edition of the Charter Mazda Global Environmental Charter. Currently, Mazda produces a wide range of vehicles – from small cars to luxury sedans are strongly developed in the sector SUVs and cars with increased capacity. The range of sports models to replace the world-famous model RX-7 came to the RX-8. In matters of strategy development and sales company is working closely with Ford. Mazda assembly plants in 21 countries allow it to export its cars in 120 countries.

The Mazda 3.

The Mazda 6 (2008).