At the auto show in Shanghai showed a luxurious concept Roewe Vision-E

At the Shanghai motor show 2017 Chinese brand Roewe, owned by SAIC Motor, the public its concept luxury electric crossover called Vision-E.
In terms of exterior design prototype was hinged doors, unusual LED optics, as well as kit with aerodynamic elements. Note that the car presented in Shanghai no central pillar, and wheels adorn the large chrome wheels.
The key features of the interior Roewe Vision-E Concept are fully digital tidy, large display multimedia system, square wheel, four individual seats and high tunnel extending through the interior. Of finishing materials Nappa leather are used here, as well as wood and metal inserts.
The movement concept AWD lead two electric motors, one of which is mounted on the front axle, and the other – on the back. The performance of such a facility is not disclosed, but the dynamic characteristics of the model are already known. So, to break up with a place to hundred coupe takes just 4.0 seconds.
The stock of Chinese prototype running up to 500 km. Crossover was the possibility of rapid charging when the battery can be recharged from 0 to 80% in just 15 minutes. How to implement such a quick charge – is not disclosed. Most likely, this is done with special equipment and high-power network.
Roewe brand representatives noted that they plan to bring to market a Vision-E production version already in 2018. But pricing information is not reported.

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