Aurus limousine

In terms of exterior design, the car was stylized as a Stalinist ZIS-110. The sedan received a massive grille with vertical rods, in the upper part of which flaunts the logo “Aurus”, as well as the stern gaze of rectangular headlights. As well as it is necessary to a presidential limousine, the silhouette of the model has turned out strict and presentable. The interior of “side number one” has not yet been uncovered. Being built on the Unified Modular Platform (EMP), in its overall dimensions, the stretched sedan reaches a length, width and height of 6,620, 2,000 and 1 695 mm, the ground clearance is 200 millimeters. The machine weighs about 6.5 tons, which is due to the presence of powerful armor. In the motion, Aurus leads a hybrid powerplant, based on a 4.4-liter V8 engine developing 598 hp. The unit operates in conjunction with an electric motor and a nine-band KATE machine of design. The machine is equipped with a high-voltage battery and an all-wheel-drive system with a clutch for connecting the front wheels.

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