Audi and Volkswagen will withdraw about 600 thousand cars in the US

Audi and Volkswagen Company will hold three letters of recall campaigns, during which repairs will leave about 600 000 vehicles sold in the US market.
The first review will affect 342,867 Audi brand cars, including models A4, A5, A6, Allroad and Q5. It is reported that these cars are found to be defective, because of which the electric coolant can catch fire due to overheating. Correct fault by the Germans plan to update the software, after which the system will learn to turn off the power in case of overheating.

In the second campaign in a revocable Repair send 234,054 crossover the Audi Q5, issued from 2011 to 2017. These machines found damage to the drainage system the panoramic roof, which is why the water can get to the block with side curtain airbags. Over time, such a defect will cause corrosion and failure of the body casing, which in turn increases the risk of accidental triggering airbags.

The third review will affect the 5901 machines. The model will go to repair Audi A4, A6, A7, as well as the Volkswagen Golf and the Tiguan 2 (all cars 2017 issue), who can not work front airbags and side curtain. For the same reason the Germans withdraw and VW e-Golf 2016. Additionally, Audi A4, Allroad and Q7 (all three models of 2017), as well as the Q5 in 2018 there is a possibility that the seat belt pretensioners will not work at the right time.

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