Audi has in the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2011 introduced the ultra-compact electric concept car Urban Concept, built on a completely new chassis, designed specifically for this model. Dimensions new items are 3219 mm long, 1678 mm wide and 1189 mm – high. The company has produced just two versions of the concept – open and closed, with the latter access to the salon is through the sliding roof. Landing Formula Audi Urban Concept is described by the manufacturer as a 1+1 is a two seat, the passenger’s driver is shifted relative to the 300 mm back to provide more space for the legs. Chairs are not regulated, so you can only adjust the steering column and pedals that can move back and forth within 220mm. The total mass of the concept, due to the wide use of modern materials, is 480 kg. The movement Urban Concept lead two electric motors, the total output of which is 20 hp and 47 Nm of torque, which is sufficient to disperse the car from 0 to 60 km/h in six seconds, and up to hundreds – of 16.9 seconds. Moreover, 100 km/h – is the maximum speed of an electric vehicle, but it is given an electronic limiter. Power of electric motors is carried out by lithium-ion batteries, full stock enegrii which is enough for 73 kilometers. They further charge from a home outlet takes about an hour and three-phase network – 20 minutes. On the future of the concept of the Audi Urban information yet, but developments may well be used by the company in the creation of future urban models.

foto-audi-urban-concept_09-650x487 foto-audi-urban-concept_04-650x487