Audi S5 Convertible from STaSIS Engineering

Specialists from STaSIS Engineering tuning studio prepared a new performance package for the Audi S5 Convertible, dubbed Challenge Edition. Engineers from STaSIS revised ECU settings 3.0-liter V6, and also supplemented its sport exhaust system made of stainless steel. That was enough to increase the engine power to 410 “horses” and 510 Nm of peak torque. As a result, the tuning dials hundred S5 Cabriolet from standstill in 4.3 seconds, 0.7 seconds faster than the standard version. In addition, the tuners from STaSIS Engineering also offer installation in a car shock absorber Ohlins, the Alcon company brakes and 20-inch aluminum wheels. Cost of the package with the press release did not specify.

audi-s5-challenge-edition_02-650x360 audi-s5-challenge-edition_03-650x435 audi-s5-challenge-edition_01-650x433

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