Audi RS3 Sedan was a racing version of LMS

Audi has built a racing version of the “charged” RS3 sedan, intended to participate in the Touring Car Championship TCR. Modification RS3, dubbed the RS3 LMS, was presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. If the civil version is equipped with Audi RS3 Sedan 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine with 400 hp, its racing version was a more modest 2.0-liter unit, which develops 330 “horses”. Sedan engine is mounted with either a six-speed sequential gearbox, or with the robotised transmission (a version of a racing modification was named Club Sport). Audi RS3 LMS exchange first hundred after 4.5 seconds from the start, which is 0.4 seconds slower than usual RS3 Sedan. Maximum speed is limited to 240 km/h, while the road version of the model can accelerate to 280 km/h. It is expected that the racing team can get a new Audi RS3 LMS in December of 2016. Car Price robotized transmission is 99 000 euros, and a sequential – 129 000 euro.

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