New Audi Q5 crossover 2016, prices and equipment

After four years of release midsize crossover Q5, Audi has prepared an updated version of the 2013 model year, the world which made its debut in the fall at the Paris Motor Show in 2012.

Configuration and price Audi Q5 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.0 TFSI 6G (180 hp) quattro $41,700 2.0 petrol (180 hp) Manual (6) full
2.0 TDI S tronic (177 hp) quattro $41,900  2.0 Diesel (177 hp) Automatic (7) full
2.0 TFSI 6G quattro $42,200 2.0 petrol (225 hp) Manual (6) full
2.0 TFSI tiptronic quattro $43,400 2.0 petrol (225 hp) Automatic (6) full
3.0 TFSI tiptronic quattro $50,100 3.0 petrol (272 hp) Automatic (6) full
3.0 TDI S tronic quattro $54,100 3.0 diesel engine (245 hp) Automatic (7) full
2.0 TFSI hybrid tiptronic quattro $60,600 Hybrid 2.0 (245 hp) Automatic (8) full

Inside, the crossover changes and even less – you can mark a new steering wheel and upgraded trim materials. In addition, engineers have upgraded suspension Audi Q5, replacing it springs and dampers to the new, and the hydraulic power steering system has given way to electromechanical. As for the power units for the Audi Q5 2013, it now instead of a 3.2-liter petrol V6 car is offered 272-strong “six” in volume of 3.0 liters, and three-liter diesel added to the impact additional 5 horsepower and issues are now 245 hp and 580 Nm.
The remaining motors remain unchanged, preserved and hybrid modification of Q5 hybrid, which combines a 2.0-liter turbo power of 211 hp and 54-horsepower electric motor. Pure electric crossover is able to overcome up to three kilometers, provided the movement with a constant speed of 60 km/h. It should also be noted that in the lineup Audi Q5 appeared “hot” modification SQ5, which the German automaker presented in June of 2012 as part of the marathon race “24 Hours of Le Mans”.
Crossover with a 3.0-liter petrol engine with recoil 272 hp forces and the 8-speed automatic is estimated at $50,100, and for diesel Q5 three-lit. capacity of 240 forces, and “robot” asking $60,600.




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